The History of Fast Lane Choppers



Beginning in 2004, Torsten "Tic-Toc" Tepolt and Jared Knights met when they had enrolled in the Harley Davidson Technician program at MMI in Phoenix. Both graduated with awards after completing  Harley Davidson Early and Late Model portions of the course as well as the motorcycle technician pre-req classes. 


The move to t-town and beyond

After competing school,  there was an opportunity presented in Tucson to open a shop, and we set up shop in a Tucson chopper historical building, the former home of Creative Cycles on Wilmot. We set out to build the first bike, and it was a mean 103" shovel that would break the back tire loose and lift the front end off the ground at the same time. The flame was lit, and burning strong. After several builds  and new business arrangements we moved into our second location  in Lakeside Business Plaza. From there the shop moved to East 22nd street where the Ramblin' Rube was finished, and then to Bisbee AZ!


Bisbee, and our Brother Torsten

After moving to Bisbee, Fast Lane took over the Cochise County Choppers business and Location, and continued as Fast Lane Choppers. Several builds were turned out in Bisbee, until 2013 when tragedy struck our family. As some know, our brother Torsten was born with Aortic Stenosis, and earned the nickname Tic-Toc from the sound of the titanium valve in his heart. Sadly his condition lead to us losing him, and a huge part of Fast lane Choppers in late 2013. We were left with a hole in our heart, and a hole drilled in the foundation of what we had created. In the following time we focused on family and have all since moved back to PHX, where family is doing GREAT! 

Garage Built and Keepin' it That Way


continuing the legacy

Losing Tic-Toc was a crushing blow and things went on hold while we re-grouped. We are once again steady, on more solid ground than ever before, and are continuing the journey we started.


Chop That fucker

We Chop. Thats what you do to a motorcycle to make it faster, leaner and cooler. Cutting weight and building horsepower, as well as maximizing gear potential is Fast Lane's formula, giving your ride a custom touch and making it fast as hell.  



Look for Fast Lane Choppers at a show near you soon!


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